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Ask About Our Delicious Dinner Specials.


GF-Gluten-Free Bread or Wrap + $1.00





A House Specialty.

Our Ribeye Steak is Sliced Fresh Daily.

Choice of American, Provolone or Whiz.

  • Cheesesteak... 5.99/8.99
  • Cheesesteak Hoagie... 6.49/9.49
  • Pittsburgh... 10.49
    Sliced Steak, Provolone, Cole Slaw, Tomato, Mayo and French Fries.
  • Special... 9.99
    Sliced Steak, American Cheese, Grilled Onions, Mayo and Two Fried Eggs.
  • Chicken Cheesesteak... 5.99/8.99
  • Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie... 6.49/9.49
  • Ask about our Cheesesteak of the week.


Char-Grilled Burgers


Serving the Finest 100% USDA Prime Beef. Gluten-Free Buns Available.


Add Matchstick Fries... 2.00

  • Deluxe:
    Single... 5.79 / Double... 7.99
    American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Mayo.
  • Detroit Special:
    Single... 6.39 / Double... 8.59
    American Cheese, Onion Rings, Lettuce, Tomato and our Homemade Olive Mayo.
  • Breakfast Burger:
    Single... 6.39 / Double... 8.59
    Cheddar, Bacon, Hollandaise and a Fried Egg.
  • Black & Blue:
    Single... 6.39 / Double... 8.59
    Blue Cheese Crumbles, Bacon.


Chicken Sandwiches


Available On A Bun Or Wrap.

Gluten-Free Available.


ADD: Matchstick Fries Only $2.00

  • California Chicken... 6.99
    American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions and Mayo Served on a Bun.
  • Sophia's Choice... 7.49
    Goat Cheese, Roasted Peppers, Arugula and Balsamic Vinaigrette Served in a Wrap.
  • Ari's Favorite... 7.49
    Provolone Cheese, Bacon, Hot Sauce and Ranch Dressing Served in a Wrap.
  • Demi's Delight... 7.79
    Swiss Cheese, Imported Ham and Honey Mustard Served in a Wrap.
  • Avalicious... 7.79
    Grilled Green Peppers, Provolone, BBQ Sauce, Grilled Onions and Mayo Served in a Wrap.


Specialty & Classic Sandwiches


Any Sandwich Can Be Made Gluten-Free.

  • Turkey with Love... 9.49
    Roast Turkey, Swiss, Bacon, Tomato and Honey Mustard on an Italian roll.
  • Caprese... 7.99
    Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Vinaigrette on an Italian roll.
    Add Grilled Chicken... 2.00.
  • Corned Beef Special... 10.49
    Cold Corned Beef, Swiss, Coleslaw and Thousand Island on Rye (Optional Turkey).
  • Hot Corned Beef or Hot Pastrami... 10.49
    Piled High & Served with Spicy Mustard on Rye.
  • BLGT... 8.99
    Bacon, Lettuce, Fried Green Tomato and Mayo on Toast.
  • ChickenGyro... 7.99
    Chicken, Tzatziki, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Onion on Pita.
  • Gyro... 7.99
    Gyro Meat, Tzatziki, Tomato, Onion on Pita.
  • Hummus Delight... 7.29
    Hummus, Goat Cheese, Cucumbers, Arugula and Vinaigrette on Pita.
  • Beer-Battered Haddock... 8.99
    Lemon Caper Tartar Sauce and Lettuce served on a Bun with side of Fries.




Served with Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Vinaigrette and Mayo (except Italian).


Hoagies... 5.99/8.99

  • Turkey
  • Italian
  • Ham
  • Tuna
  • Chicken Salad
  • Cheeseburger
  • Cheese



  • Matchstick Fries (GF)... 2.99
  • Cheese Fries (GF)... 3.99
  • Matchstick Sweet Potato Fries... 3.99
  • Steakhouse Onion Ring (Thick Cut)... 4.29
  • Pickle Fries w/ Chipotle Aoli... 6.49
  • Soup Du Jour (12 oz. bowl)... 3.49
  • Chicken Tenders (5) and Fries... 9.99




Dressings: All dressings served on the side.

Any Salad Can Be Prepared Gluten-Free.


Balsamic, Greek Vinaigrette, Ranch, Poppy Seed, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese and Thousand Island, Caesar.

  • House Salad... 5.69
    Mixed Greens, Carrots, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Radishes and Tomatoes.
  • Greek... 6.99
    House Salad with Feta, Kalamata Olives and Greek Vinaigrette on the Side.
  • Pittsburgh... 10.99
    House Salad with Chopped Steak, Blue Cheese Crumbles and Skinny Fries.
  • EAT Salad... 7.99
    Arugula with Goat Cheese, Craisins, Candied Walnuts, and a Side of Balsamic Vinaigrette.
  • Caesar Salad... 6.99
    Fresh Romaine, Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Croutons and a Side of Caesar Dressing.
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad... $10.99
    Spicy Grilled Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Celery on Romaine Served With a Side of Blue Cheese Dressing
  • California Chicken Salad... 9.99
    House Salad with Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Chicken Breast, and Our Famous Honey Mustard.
  • Caprese Salad... 7.99
    Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil Served with Arugula and Balsamic Vinaigrette.

For $4.00 Add:

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Fried Chicken
  • Chunky Chicken Salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • Steak


Hot Off The Grill


Gluten-Free Available.

  • Reuben... 10.49
    The Classic on Grilled Rye.
  • Richmond Special... 8.99
    Chicken Salad, Bacon, Cheddar and Thousand Island on Grilled Rye.
  • Tuna Melt... 7.99
    Tuna Salad, Provolone and Tomatoes on Grilled Rye.
  • Cheezey Grilled Cheese... 6.49
    Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss and Optional Tomatoes on Grilled Bread. Add Ham Or Bacon... 2.00.


KIDS (12 and under)


$5.99 ... Served w/ choice of Fries or Chips and a kids' bottle of water.

  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Pita Pizza
  • Cheeseburger



  • Soft Drinks... 2.29
    Coke Products and Other Craft Flavors Or Unsweetened Iced Tea Iced.
  • Coffee... 3.49
  • Bottled Water... 1.25


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Prices may change without notice, please confirm prices when ordering.

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